Alone, Together

Inspired by the prompt “Alone, Together,” 24 distinguished LAUNCH PAD alumni playwrights contributed 39 short plays and monologues written specifically to be performed live for an
all-day Zoom Festival on June 6, 2020. In the following interviews, six writers share their experience of working virtually in the early days of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

Alone, Together was live-streamed on Saturday, June 6th. (Event Program)

A pdf of the scripts for Alone, Together can be read online here. For further information, including licensing and performance of any of these plays, please contact the writers and/or agents using the contact information that appears at the front of every play.

"Expect to be amused, provoked, soothed, and tickled by the mass of collective
theatrical intelligence..."                               ~ Charles Donelan, the SB Independent

61 Actors
    39 Plays
        24 Playwrights
            23 Directors
                8 Artistic/Production/Administrative Staff
                    5 Stage Managers
                        4 Time Zones
                            3 Dramaturgs
                                3 Designers
                                    2 Festival Directors
                                        1 ZOOM!

photo of Shaunyce Omar from "Alone, Together" play

Inspired by an invitation to collaborate from Artistic Director Risa Brainin and Professor Annie Torsiglieri, over 100 artists came together to provide vibrant opportunities for theater students during the California “Stay at Home” order. 

Cast of Corona Chicken Part 2

Bringing together UC Santa Barbara students, faculty, and professional guest artists, Alone, Together is a perfect celebration of LAUNCH PAD’s 15-year anniversary as it continues its mission to provide students the opportunity to work with living playwrights on new plays.

cast of The Great Greats from Alone, Together zoom festival of plays

In these extraordinary times, LAUNCH PAD is doing its part to keep theatre alive.

   flyer for the Alone, Together zoom festival of plays and monologues

A pdf of the scripts for Alone, Together can be read online here. For further information, including licensing and performance of any of these plays, please contact the writers and/or agents using the contact information that appears at the front of every play.

list of plays from Chapters 1 and 2; Alone, Together Zoom Festival

  listing of plays in Chapters 3/4: Alone, Together Zoom Festival

We are so pleased to have welcomed back our distinguished LAUNCH PAD alumi Linda Alper, Katie Bender,
Jami Brandli, Leo Cabranes-Grant, Dan Castellaneta, Mia Chung, Yussef El Guindi, Anne García-Romero,
Idris Goodwin, Enid Graham, Arlene Hutton, Lila Rose Kaplan, William Davies King, Deb Lacusta,
Jenny Mercein, Brian Otaño, Lynn Rosen, Cheri Steinkellner, James Still, Alison Tatlock, Annie Torsiglieri,
John Walch, Cheryl L. West, and Sheri Wilner. Here are some of the faces to go with the names...

     headshot of Linda Alper, playwright   photo of Jami Brandi, playwright   headshot of Yussef El Guindi, playwright
     Linda Alper                                 Jami Brandli                     Yussef El Guindi

    headshot of Anne Garcia-Romero, playwright       headshot of Enid Graham, playwright, with a face mask on    headshot of Jenny Mercein, playwright  
   Anne García-Romero            Enid Graham                         Jenny Mercein

               headshot of Cheryl L. West, playwright    headshot of Katie Bender, playwright     headshot of Cheri Steinkellner, playwright
                 Cheryl L. West                         Katie Bender                   Cheri Steinkellner

           headshot of Annie Torsiglieri, playwright/director/actor   headshot of Lynn Rosen, playwright  headshot of Lila Rose Kaplan, playwright
            Annie Torsiglieri                Lynn Rosen                            Lila Rose Kaplan

              headshot of William Davies King, playwright   headshot of Arlene Hutton, playwright, with a mask on   headshot of James Still, playwright
                Willam Davies King            Arlene Hutton                    James Still

                                     headshot of Sheri Wilner, playwright  double headshot of Brian Otano, playwright, one with face mask, one without
                                         Sheri Wilner                                Brian Otaño

                     headshot of Dan Castellaneta, playwright (only showing top half of head!)  headshot of Deb Lacusta, playwright   photo of Leo Cabranes-Grant, playwright
                         Dan Castellaneta                 Deb Lacusta              Leo Cabranes-Grant

                headshot of Idris Goodwin, playwright   headshot of Alison Tatlock, playwright    
                    Idris Goodwin                        Alison Tatlock               John Walch  


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