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2021 Festival Gallery

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Pictured above:
Dramaturg Janine Leano, Maison "Bub" Bray, Actors Irwin Appel and Peerada Meemalayath
Actors Kirsten Høj,Varrick Weir, Angel Villalobos, Vishay Singh
Actor Will Huffaker, Director Lucie Tiberghien, Playwright Rehana Lew Mirza, Actor Michael Bernard
Actors Abby Stoiber, Monica Granados


Pictured above:
Dramaturg Jessica Nakamura, Director Rebecca Wear, Actors Angelo Santos and Lucas Cheng
Actors Allyson Nicholas, Joan Cheam, Lucy Ma, Ethan Kim
Playwright Keiko Green, Assistant Director Grace Wilken, Stage Directions Hailey Turner





Festival Program
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